In pseudo-darkness
we scrapped and flapped,
catching streaky rays of light –
odd fragments of the sun.

We sat there –
this living hole –
glimpsed life through blinking eyes,
through a smoke so dense with grins,
so heavy and so wide.

As our hours
on –
as our eyes flickered
idly around,
as our liquid minds closed down,
I think, here in this night, we’ll drown!

Slumped at dawn
I woke with burns.
I woke!

Fire’s here…
But not –
this heat is sun, is light
is hot.
So clumsily we rise,
we yawn;
we eat and leave this scummy hole.
We open out into the morn.

Cheerily? No…
But brighter for light,
glad to escape the weights of last night –
the long times spent listening
to low and lowly noises:
outside sounds of dark,
of confusion.

We’re out, we smile
we disperse
for the day.

Green people from Roman arena london

Key words

Kick back,
take stock,
Accept where you’re at:
ease the fret
from your mind.
Take an open account
of your life
and of those
who make colour and add
to the light of our kind.

Be free
in your head.
Be steady
be true –
as open to change
as the clouds are to blue.
Stay focused,
keep rhythmic
and new.
During spiralling lies
sincerely be you.

Lies Before the Storm

Remorse addles my memories
Pocketing each bliss afternoon
With the passions of night
The crimson rivers of my beautiful flesh
Lap the poison down
Sweet honey

Where do I want to be?
With my bad habits
and bad thoughts
Racking brains daily for other ways to see…
Rocking my bed hotly
(With hot rocks you understand
not hot rocking!)

My beautiful body
And rugged face
Lies blatant and huge
As this heart fights to keep pace.

Random Dinosaurs from Crystal Palace

Sweetest Lady

with your fair vivacity
my loves soars
to your every calling!
My eyes yearn –
to watch your waking morning;
hear your voice –
so clear, immaculate.
Feel your breath,
a hearts pulse warming.

as your sweet scent cloaks me
I am strangled
by loves tender suppress;
potent, sensuous:
Blood rushes, pounding, through me –
my soul surrenders
when your love comes.

Day Light

(for) Morning our sun
breaks early, shines fierce –
lighting up all.
Drying puddles of tears.
Heralds each day begun,
the end of night fears!

So time moves along,
wakes new eyes to ideas,
lends broke hearts a new song;
shouts love on deaf ears.
I ponder the motions
through this mind so naive
so wrapped up with questions –
how I’m s’posed to achieve?

The glorious sun
catches dreams, feeds the breeze
keeps my loves all-day-warm
yet I long for a piece…
from here I spy a gloom
which promises ease
I fight with these notions,
to stand here on my feet.

A wonder undone
every thought a disease?
Where’s the answer I long
what to do to appease?
As the rising horizon
comes again from the east
where are all my dreams flowing?
Is there peace in this sleep?

At last my mind’s numb
floats in hoops and queries
another sunny day gone
Left my head just memories.
Yet, morning our sun
breaks early shines fierce.

Wasted Breath

Each day, like ice,
melts away…
I can’t hold or halt them
passing by so lightly:
Leaving me wasted and empty.

Each new day
the same way
fast as change itself,
no headway
nor newness or action,
just breathlessness
just lost air
and slumber.

Oh day
oh day
let me come your way
fill our minds, brimful
cups of noble understandings
I will stride toward you
until we meet.clouds 2007


Laughing free and easily
I look to you;
to see the questions raise
within your eyes…
knowingly, and fast as light,
the answers plain –
The future is not clean…
…It’s Dynamite!

Sweet as love
and tasting fine
the nighttime grows.
Giving into passion
giving in to
all of your

Happiness is there to hold
A fool shouts loud.
In the night his shout
sends shivers –
turning still necks cold.