Beck’ Beat Poetry Episode September

We’re still going! Made the 6 month mark and people still coming thru the door… Excellent!

Celebrated the summer with two Supercool Events in August – the Blackfriars Settlement, Southwark, complementing our regular night at Beckenham Bookshop with a spectacular evening (including hot food and beers!) more of which can be found out here.

Now to the coming death of the twenty sixteen. Already blasted to pieces and ransacked by successive traumas… Recuperating at present (in some parts) after a real shot in the arms of Brazilian Olympics!

September 1 Thurs 6.30 - 8

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You are welcome to join the chill at this increasingly popular free Poetry Open mic event.

Any suggestions of Open Mic listings which actually take us places, please add in comment I’ll update the list. I’ve been exploring reference points – to help promote the burgeoning Open Mic event that is Beck’ beat Poetry at The Beckenham Bookshop once a month. To wit, these collected links will transport you to some awesome and thought blossoming events as it suits you to review:

Open Mic Finder

The Poetry Library

Poetry London listings

Write Out Loud

Any of the above will help expand you planes of perception – uncovering those exciting doors that appear locked from the fast-paced road of modernity.


This is a real-world event, previous episodes can be checked out on the Facebook Page.