Beck’ Beat Poetry Episode August

Beck Beat Poster August

Oh sweet hot sun stick me some clothes on!

The fabulous middle of July is hotting up nicely here around South London. There sure is a lot of exceptional spoken word and live poetry events stacking up through these modern boroughs of the capital. I’ve been exploring reference points – to help promote the burgeoning Open Mic event that is Beck’ beat Poetry at The Beckenham Bookshop once a month. To wit, these collected links will transport you to some awesome and thought blossoming events as it suits you to review:

Open Mic Finder

The Poetry Library

Poetry London listings

Write Out Loud

Any of the above will help expand you planes of perception – uncovering those exciting doors that appear locked from the fast-paced road of modernity.

The next Open-Mic Beck’ Beat is on August 2 (Tuesday) in Beckenham and we have a special Open Mic event scheduled at the Blackfriars Settlement on Friday 12 August. This one’s a fatter night, with refreshments, noise and the underground in ambling distance…

Blackfriars poster stripes

In other news: I recently set up a separate Twitter identity for the Beck’ Beat Poetry open mic sessions and have been panicking about using it since! Follow us here for sporadic and mildly Poem themed tweets: @beckbeatpoetry


I look forward to seeing some of you about and around over the summer.

This is a real-world event, previous episodes can be checked out on the Facebook Page.