I once knew a woman

with a big
and worldly head:
She was ever so exciting
as she took them all to bed!
The tramp and then the scoundrel
and the drunkard
then the thief –
She was always more than welcoming
to poor souls; poor lost sheep.

Her light was spent in luxury;
in a gift crammed flat she lay,
while more people brought her ideas –
how to best avoid the day!
And though the drug-squad
(dressed in riot garb)
would wait outside her door
this life was so exciting
she just could not help want more!

Faithful? True she was not
but that matters hardly here
’cause her life flew by so hot –
If she stayed too long
she’d sear!

Aunty Kaye!

A little green verse

Last night,
A little like tonight,
Your frame again
Ssent back the light
Your glazed over –
Thoughtless sight -Thirl raymon su
Bilt aright
In dem
Irne demn

A fashion
Lost in brain’s quiet
Turned through almost
Every action
Pouring through died hair
Like rain

In green hearts
Oh love
Green hearts
On fire
Let the flames
Fan cheeks fire red
Green hearts
O hah love
In green hearts

February Nighttime

On the deep enamel blue of
this chill February night
I trace a path through puffs of clouds
that mask in part this urban starlight
the route my eyes scan down these avenues in space
Are interrupted, lazily, by droning night flightsChill February


Squared up and square eyed
well fixed on the scene
transmitted through space
to your sparkling square screen.

Caught by the eyes
held fast in a trance
unable to break
from this transient dance

Wasted and lost
free floating in space
unusable wreck
with time lost on your face.


“Get down
you let down!
Please, just let us be!”
Is the caustic
retort they shall
once lie on me.
My whimsy all worn out –
bravado expired.
It’s the last blunt remark
as the rest of all’s fired.

“Get back
you sad sack!”
With a cringing retreat,
thus, I’m sacked
through their tongue
swiftly licked
to defeat.

red onion slice

red onion


Lightening lady,
with the beasts’ fires
started, by your love,
within my mind.
I’m torn –
each time your vagrant,
dust blown, spies
are lined with mine –
between our ties.

And as I lie
dumb (naked) and, most probably,

The dreams that fill this head,
and are of you,
are mine to keep.

Though eagerly I reach
for your sweet love to find me.
Every time you look
I fear what it is
you think you see.



You ain’t got no blue
like the aqua marine
reflected in your Samien eyes.

Breaking beads of white wake
lost in the glow of sun glazed
turquoise of these bays,

Like the deep Lapis lazuli
draped on your tanned neck
to take home the crystal clear Aegean seas.