Blackfriars Vocal

The monthly Open Mic poetry session, run at Blackfriars Settlement, is on again! 

This time we are sneaking two into June though!

Come join in the celebration of words in the soul of Southwark on Friday 2 June. Doors 6.30 – mic goes live at 7pm! The next one will be Friday 30 June, same times!

You are welcome to read your own, share your favourites or simply let the poems lift you with their unique take on our lives.

Find out more at facebook.

Key words

Kick back,
take stock,
Accept where you’re at:
ease the fret
from your mind.
Take an open account
of your life
and of those
who make colour and add
to the light of our kind.

Stay focused,
keep rhythmic
and new.
as open to change
as the clouds are to blue.
Be free
in your head.
Be steady
be true –
During spiralling lies
sincerely be you.

Freedom Man

It’s big waves
It’s the small stones
It’s footsteps in the sands
And the beaches of the shores
It’s birds on the wing
heading down south
And it’s the noises that you make
When you open up your mouth

Over-painted men
with their faces all long
Try to tie me down
But their ropes ain’t so strong
Cause I’m the Freedom Man
And I’m free
To fight on

The reason you cry
when not tied to the tribe
Or admission of guilt
From bad loving and lies
Your lonely atonement
for crimes borne of love
Well it’s all of me below
And it’s all of me above

I’m caught by the balls as you
draw me inside
It’s the warmth in your head
When your heart takes the ride
It’s from the Freedom Man
And it’s free
To ride on

White man blues

From October 2011 (written much earlier), it seems the blog’sphere is populated by godheads, and whilst I admire your tenacity, I can’t shake that belief that god was a creation of a scared and ignorant humanity, looking for answers without the mechanisms (or wit) to fathom any; A humanity with whom we share very little in common today.
I re-blog this blues-inspired poem in the hope that there are other atheists out there, sharing this technology with all the devout..?


Poor white man got no God
Everyone loses when you ain’t got love

Got no money just got pain
and next time just gonna lose again

Poor white man down on luck
Waking each day though you don’t wake much

Lost that woman took your heart
Gave up feeling when it fell apart

How’s the light in your eyes
Got so lost and burnt to die inside?

Poor white man poor or free
Dragging blues like it’s captivity

Open eyes now open heart
This one life’s waiting for you to start

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