Keeping on keeping on


It was September 2011 when I finally bridled this blogging donkey and started on my trek along the beach, letting these words of sand – created up till that point – gently sift through the keyboard onto my very own pages.

It’s been real, and has helped motivate me to write more – though infrequently – and to find more; through the beautiful and tragic verse created by brilliant writers out there. The question of validity often brakes my progress, but seldom halts the chugging completely and here, 4 years later I find there is still steam somewhere in this english mind.

I wanted to set aside some space to thank those of you who follow and star my work, it is amazing how positive the golden star of LIKE continues to be, even through adulthood. I write for me, but appreciate the reflections of others and there are some out there who regularly highlight my words as worthy of a click.

Thank You.

Too close?

Too close?