The Keeper of the In (not inn)…

I remember when you were lightening,
in the dark so wholly frightening.
You were the free one, so fantastic,
judgement called you – cries ecstatic…
Can you face the past again?
That last announcement: reclaimed pain!

You escaped the demon slaying:
You escaped the holy, praying:
And you escaped a mind,
lost fraying.

I followed footsteps in the twilight:
I called to others to save your limelight.
Yet in the morn’ you’d lost the sunlight!
I summoned voices to save your last night…

I knew you could return – you would return –
I knew your name would once again
the throats of others burn.
So waiting here I saw you,
so living on I knew you.

We could’ve lived out here forever
although I pleaded and you claimed never,
the day would come when I’d know fever
survive this heat (with you the survivor).

This story of lying’s now likely forgotten
this fable of others, of others well rotten –
a pyre-hyped high – with the treaty well written.
You, quick sorted out and reprinted the stories –
A liar, well sent, to revel in the gory.
A message, reread, and embellished with glories…

I retold when you were lightening
once in the dark, so souly frightening.
I thought you were the free one:
So elastic.
Was just my minds burst –
thoughts fantastic.


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